6 Manton Gallery  features a diverse and  regularly changing exhibition program of contemporary artwork in a light filled warehouse space

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Our Exhibition Calendar for 2022 starts with the Adelaide Fringe,

and a fabulous exhibition “Lamellae”

by Metalsmith Michelle Kelly

Opening Thursday 24th Feb 5:30pm

Lamellae – new sculptural works inspired by the gills of fungi

Michelle’s work consists of using traditional metalsmithing techniques while experimenting with different metals, surface treatments, patination applications and kinetic movement. Subtle or obvious there is always some degree of movement in her work, giving each piece a unique visual experience as the forms continuously change. 

Exploring size, form, colour and movement gives Michelle’s practice has many layers just like the growth of fungi. This has led her to create small and large scale forms using multiples, including jewellery, wall pieces and installations, while incorporating a variety of different materials. 

She aspires to capture the essence of the fungi which is a hidden treasure doing thankless tasks to help make this planet work.

See more info re Lamellae in the Fringe Guide

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